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Reflective Tape for Vehicles

When it comes to reflective tape for vehicles it makes sense to trust the original. 

Reflomax Reflective Tapes for vehicles is a  proven and trusted international leader. .

 With Reflomax™ Reflective Material your company’s products are more uniformly lit, 

contrasting starkly with dark surroundings like nighttime or foggy days 

when you need it most!

Reflomax is 100% certified according to international standards.

Expect as much as 10x more reflective as standard reflective material.

Our reflective tape keeps your vehicles more visible and safer on the road.

Why Reflomax?

Easy to apply & remove


Thin and flexible

Helping You See Clearly Where It Counts

R104 conspicuity tape is designed for trucks, trailers and other vehicles requiring conspicuity marking mandated by the ECE 104 Regulation. R104 offers bright colors with excellent long range that enhance reflectivity in low light or poor weather conditions.

Your fleet will have night-time recognition and added safety while on the road. R104 is quick and easy to apply with a strong adhesive that will securely adhere to trucks and trailers. R104 will withstand most industrial cleaning processes, including high-pressure power washing.

The added durability and resistance to peeling will ensure a continual compliance. Making safety a priority will result in fewer accidents creating less downtime for fleet repairs, saving thousands on repair costs.


Reflective Tape FAQ's

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Need to utilize DOT C2 reflective tape.
Red and white striped for back as well as lower sides of trailers.
Silver or white for top back of trailers.
Need to cover at least 50% of total side size.
Have to be along whole base of the back.
Have to be on the entire lower back bar.
Have to have inverted L 12 inches long on upper rear of trailers.
Why the DOT reflective tape needs for trucks exist as well as exactly how it conserves lives by preventing accidents
All industrial vehicles are legally needed to be outfitted with extremely reflective tape or its comparable in the form of reflectors, so they are a lot more noticeable. However drive down any Michigan highway as well as it’s shocking to see just how many trucks still do not have reflective tape.

A National Freeway Web traffic Security Management research discovered that the DOT reflective tape requirements for vehicles are highly efficient in protecting against collisions. The research study approximated that as soon as all heavy vehicles in the U.S. have actually been geared up with very reflective tape, 7,800 crashes every year will certainly be stopped. The research study likewise approximated that 191 to 350 casualties per year– implying people eliminated driving into trucks without reflective tape in poor visibility conditions– will certainly be protected against, as well as 3,100 to 5,000 people that endure injury from these kinds of vehicle mishaps. According to the research study, this tape greatly reduces side and rear accidents into hefty tractor-trailers.

Regardless, lots of truck drivers and trucking business throughout the country and also in Michigan disregard to comply with the requirements for their trucks. Since the lack of this tape on trucks has actually been shown to trigger disastrous vehicle accidents, there is extremely little justification for why vehicle fleets have not adhered to the DOT reflective tape requirements for older vehicles that are still in service as this tape is economical.

Also, if a truck driver is caught driving a newer model vehicle without reflective tape, she or he can be pointed out with a security offense and the vehicle can be secured of service (shut down).

So we all know that we need to mount reflective tape on vehicles and trailers over 10,000 extra pounds as well as 80″ broad. The question is what is the best means to do this? Usually reflective tape is not exactly a low-cost product. A sector conventional roll can cost from $44 to $100 a roll. And it’s extremely, extremely, sticky and also vulnerable to tangles. 

So it’s not something you (or your boss) wants you to discover by trial and error– let’s get it right the very first time.

First off– what NOT to do. 

Never ever install directly in addition to fresh paint. The off gassing of new paint fumes can impact the adhesive top qualities of new reflective tape and it could all diminish in a day or two. Your fresh paint should be fully cured for at the very least 2 days. 

One more very vital point– constantly use firm also stress over the full size of the reflective tape. This is best performed with a plastic scraper blade or a small rubber roller. Do not make use of a metal blade scrape, it could scratch the surface of the reflective tape. Don’t let any individual inform you “simply run your finger over it great and also it’ll stick ok”.

Yes, it could stick however just wait a period for the sun and also rain to do their work and also once again, that new DOT reflective tape will certainly be snuggling as well as handing over that brand-new trailer. Car surface areas likewise have to be dry, grease-free, dirt-free, and also finest in between 40 and 85 levels. No tape supplier has said you can’t install reflective tape at extremely cool temperature levels yet that adhesive on the back of tape is a thick material and also it will certainly stiffen up the chillier it gets as well as make adhesion a lot more tough.

 Keep in mind that some tapes, even when stuck for a couple of mins can truly stick. Which’s a problem when you eliminate a pieces of uneven reflective tape. It can draw the paint off with it. Avery makes an excellent reflective tape that is repositionable– it sticks gently until the sticky reacts with the oxygen in the air and after that actually tightens up after concerning two days. Inspect this premium tape out at Briargate Supp


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