VizLite™ 201 reflective material

prod vizlite 201
VizLite™ 201 is a premium reflective material which has a little light silver appearance, ideal for all types of 20471 garments, especially for high end users. VizLite™ 201 meets and exceeds the reflective requirements of both EN ISO 20471:2013 and ANSI 107/2010.



VizLite™ 201 meets the human-ecological requirements of the Oeko-Tex™ Standard 100.

The material is washable up to 50 times at 60°C in a domestic wash including tumble drying at maximum temperature 60°C and dry cleanable up to 10 times. The product has a poly/cotton backing and comes in rolls of 200 metres at a standard 50.8 mm width. Other widths are available on request.

At A Glance


  • 50 wash at 60°C
  • 50 dry cleans
  • 10 dry cleans
  • 20471 & ANSI compliant
  • Oeko-Tex™ compliant
  • Roll length 200m


Further Information:

For technical details on certification, laundry, sewing etc please see our VizLite™ 201 technical sheet.

VizLite 201 Technical Sheet
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