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R104 conspicuity tape is designed for trucks, trailers and other vehicles requiring conspicuity marking mandated by the ECE 104 Regulation. R104 offers bright colors with excellent long range that enhance reflectivity in low light or poor weather conditions.


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Your fleet will have night-time recognition and added safety while on the road. R104 is quick and easy to apply with a strong adhesive that will securely adhere to trucks and trailers. R104 will withstand most industrial cleaning processes, including high-pressure power washing.
The added durability and resistance to peeling will ensure a continual compliance. Making safety a priority will result in fewer accidents creating less downtime for fleet repairs, saving thousands on repair costs.

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Face Film Thickness

405 – 445 microns




High Tack Permanent (Clear)

Durability (Unprinted)


Roll Widths

50 mm

Roll Length(s)

50 m

Reflective Conspicuity Tape For Rigid Surfaces

R104 is safety marking tape for trucks and trailers with rigid surfaces. It provides excellent reflectivity which enhances night time safety and it is designed for easy application and durability. With its clear high tack permanent adhesive, R104 is the perfect solution for various types of vehicles. The tape consists of micro-prisms with a clear poly liner and provides five years of field performance. R104 complies with the requirements of the ECE 104 Class C.

Applications & Features

Performance & Physical Data

Property Test Methods Typical Value
Gloss ASTM D523 at 85° 100
Thickness Micrometer, Federal Bench Type 405 – 445 microns
Elongation Wrap around 3mm mandrel at 0°C Pass, No cracking
Shelf Life (In Box) Free from excessive moisture, temperature, direct sunlight Preferably at 18°C -25 °C and 30% – 50% relative humidity 1 year from factory shipment
Application Temperature Range On clean, dry substrate 32°C
Dimensional Stability ASTM D4956 Less than 1/8” change on 9×9” panel
Adhesion 90° Hanging Weight, ASTM D4956 Less than 50mm movement
Peel Adhesion 30 cm/minute, 180° peel angle, on degreased aluminium 0.94 kg/cm


Minimum 80% of the length of the vehicle (excl. the length of the cabin must be marked. In special cases, this can go down to 60% for difficult applications or 40% for, especially difficult applications.

The lower line of the marking tape must be placed minimum 250mm from the ground and in a height of maximum 1500mm. This can in special cases be extended to 2500mm.

The length of the upper corner markings must be minimum 250mm. Upper corner markings should be applied as high as practical but within 400mm of the upper extremity of the vehicle. In cases where a top corner marking is not possible due to the construction of the vehicle, a line marking on its own is allowed.

A full contour marking is required to the rear, unless this is impossible due to vehicle construction. Maximum height requirements for the lower horizontal line are the same as indicated for the markings to the side, as hereunder.



Regular cleaning is recommended for maximum performance. The following cleaning methods are recommended:
1) Wash with sponge, cloth or soft brush using water and detergent.
2) Automatic truck/car wash or standard high- pressure hand spray:

• Maximum Pressure: 1200 psi

• Maximum wash temperature: 60°C

• Water jets must be a minimum of 30cm from the R104 Conspicuity Tape

• Spray water jets at no greater angle than 45° from the surface

Store in a cool and dry area, preferably at 18°C to 25°C and 30% to 50% relative humidity and use within 1 year after date of receipt. Store rolls in their original shipping cartons. Partially used rolls should be returned to their shipping carton.


The following is made in lieu of all warranties expressed or implied: All statements, technical information and recommendations published by Arlon relating to Arlon products are based on tests believed to be reliable and within the accuracy of the equipment used to obtain the specific values. Their accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed and Arlon makes no warranty with regard thereto. Seller’s and manufacturer’s only responsibility shall be to replace any quantity of the product proved defective. Seller and manufacturer shall not be liable for injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of use or the inability to use the product. Nor shall seller or manufacturer be liable for any costs or expenses incurred in the processing or printing on the product. Before using, user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use. User assumes all risk and liability of every nature in connection therewith. No statements or recommendations other than those contained in the technical information published by Arlon shall have force or effect unless contained in an agreement manually signed by the officers of seller and manufacturer.

Technical Documents

Sell Sheet
Product Information Bulletin
Application & Care Instructions

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